Charcoal Grilled Mains
Shish Kebab £10.95
Kafta Mashwe Alepo test £10.95

Served with rice

Kafta Mashwe £9.95
Lamb Chops £11.95
Shish Tawook £10.95
Mixed Grill £13.95
Special Mixed Grill Shahba Rose £16.95
Sea Base Mashwe £14.95

Marinated fresh sea bass grilled lemon garlic olive

Half Boneless Chicken / Grilled Chicken £9.95
Cold Mezzes
Mix Starter £11.95

A bit or everything

Mohammarora £3.75

Red hot pepper and pomegranate

Mixed Pickles & Olives £3.00
Baba Ghanous £3.75
Waraq Inab (Vine Leaves) 5pcs £3.75

Vine leaves filled with rice, tomato, parsley, onion cooked in lemon juice, olive oil

Moutabal £3.75

Creamy roasted eggplant dip mixed with sesame paste (Tahine) & lemon

Hummus £3.75

Chickpea Puree with sesame paste (Tahine) and lemon juice

Hot Mezzes
Mix Hot Platter Mezzes (Chef Special) £13.95
Halloumi Cheese Arayes Zaatar £4.95
Taushka Meat Arayes Cheese £4.95
Halloumi Cheese Arayes £4.95
Meat Arayes £4.75
Fatteh Hummus £4.50
Foul Madames £4.00
Chicken Sambosa £3.75
Meat Sambosa £3.75
Cheese Sambosa £3.75
Kids Meals & Wraps
Chicken or Beef Burger £4.99
Chicken Strips Meal £4.99
Nugget Meal £4.99
Kafta Wrap Meal £4.99
Falafel Wrap Meal £4.99
Mezze Salads
Cucumber Yogurt Salad £3.00
Feta Cheese Salad £4.00
Tabouleh £3.95
Fattoush £3.95
Shahba Rose Salad £5.50

Green leaves, marinated grilled chicken

Side Dishes
Rice with Vermecelli £3.00
Brown Rice £3.00
Fries £2.50
Bread – Basket of bread £2.00
Soup of the day £3.50

Served with fresh bread.

Traditional Mains
Kharouf Mahshi (Roasted Lamb with Rice) £11.95

Roasted Lamb chunks served on a bed of special rice serverd with yougutr, salad and hot sauce.

Lamb Basha £10.95

Spicy balls of minched Lamb, cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers, coriander, garlic. Served with rice.

Chicken Cassarol £10.95

Slices of Chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic. Served with rice.

Sharhat Dajaj £9.95

Chicken fillet, cooked with lemmon juice, garlic. Served with rice.

Roasted Chicken £9.95

Served with brown rice, yougurt and cucumber.

Bamyah Billahmehi £10.95

Okra stew, tomato sauce, lamb stew.

Chicken Biryani £9.95

Served with salad.

Vegetarian Mains
Moussaka £8.50

Served with rice.

Bamyeih – Okra £8.50

Served with rice.

Biriyani £8.50

Served with salad.